Anna Hill 

Licensed 2 Star Parelli Professional


Whether you just got your first horse and don't know where to start, or you have owned a horse for a long time but are looking for something more, you have come to right place!  I am here to help you along your horsemanship journey.  As a Licensed 2 Star Parelli Professional, I am qualified to teach the OnLine, Liberty and Freestyle, Levels 1-4.   I can't wait to help you and your horse along your journey!

What is Parelli??

Parelli is a natural approach to horse training.  Focusing on love, language, and leadership, Parelli uses the horses's natural instincts to build a relationship with them - from the ground up!  There are 4 Savvies, On Line, Liberty, Freestyle, and Finesse in which we play with our horses.  Parelli works for any horse, any breed, any age, and any discipline!  The step by step system is a simple and easy process for both horse and human!