Anna Hill 

Licensed 3 Star Parelli Professional

About Me

I started riding at 9 years old and have been hooked ever since. bought Pip when I was 13 and she was 3 and we started Parelli two years later.  There have been ups and downs along our journey, but I haven't ever looked back! 

Throughout the years (beginning in 2011) I have spent over 11 months learning directly from either Pat or Linda Parelli, or their top instructors, such as Lauren Barwick (Gold Medal Paralympian and 4 Star Parelli Professional), John Baar (5*), Kristi Smith (4*), Nita Jo Rush (4*), David Lichman (5*) and Amy Bowers (4*). I have made it my mission to continue learning so I can provide the clearest and most accurate information to those who entrust me with their horsemanship journey. Each year I invest in my own horsemanship for at least a month so I can be a better instructor for you!

My goal as a horsemanship professional is to help others achieve their dreams through a variety of education formats, such as private and group lessons, workshops and 2-4 day clinics. I take the time necessary to help each individual horse owner set and progress to their goals.

I love teaching those who are hungry to learn.  There are two kinds of people - horse lovers, and the other kind.  Which kind are you?