nurtnuring partnerships and natural foundations 
between horses and humans through 
the principles of natural hosremanship

Anna Hill-Biffle 


About Me

My goal as a horsemanship professional is to help others achieve their dreams through various education formats (private and group lessons and 1-4 day clinics). I take the time necessary to help each individual horse owner progress to their goals. Whether you are new to riding, have a problem you can't figure out with your horse, or you need a new path with you horse, I am here for you!

My philosophy is based in natural horsemanship, solid horse and human foundations, and that sometimes to make great progress you must first take a few steps back. My students learn to handle many different types of horses, different spirit levels, different challenges so that when they venture out into the wider horse world they are prepared to handle what comes their way. 

I started riding at 9 years old and have been hooked ever since. I bought Pip when I was 13, she was 3. While we were a bit of a recipe for disaster, we quickly became partners.  From the moment I started this journey, I haven't ever looked back.

Throughout the years I have spent learning directly from either Pat or Linda Parelli, or their top instructors, such as Lauren Barwick (Gold Medal Paralympian and 4 Star Parelli Professional), John Baar, Kristi Smith, Nita Jo Rush, David Lichman, and Amy Bowers. I have made it my mission to continue learning so I can provide the clearest and most accurate information to those who entrust me with their horsemanship journey. Each year I invest in my own horsemanship so I can be a better instructor for you.

I love teaching those who are hungry to learn.  There are two kinds of people - horse lovers, and the other kind.  Which kind are you?