Anna Hill 

Licensed 3 Star Parelli Professional

Longstocking Stables

Named after my mare, Pippi Longstocking, and the home to our dreams. We purchased our home in December 2016 and have been creating a space just for horse lovers ever since. This 17 acre property is home to some of my workshops, many of my lessons, and so much more. While we are still in the building phase, the property already has a safe outdoor arena, the beginnings of a playground with many obstacles to test you and your horse's confidence, and a wide open seven acre pasture to help horses and humans manage their energy in large spaces. 

As we develop our property it is our plan to expand the play ground, clear trails, put in a track (upon completion should be about a mile long), build cross country jumps, improve the arena, and erect pens for short term stay horses. 

Our dream is to provide a space that will cultivate growth, excite horsemen to expand their understanding of these incredible animals, and to invite horses to learn to trust us humans in ways they never have before. We have a passion for rescued horses and are excited to be partnering with the Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue Foundation to help train and rehome some of these fabulous horses. More info coming summer 2018....